About Us

Holy Toledo is a boutique clothing consignment shop in the Vail Valley, carrying a range of brands including high-end brands from all over the world. Holy Toledo is owned and operated by Dana Marek who recently just moved to the area to be a part of Holy Toledo. Holy Toledo was founded by Heather and Eric Shultz in 2002. Holy Toledo is in an old church and the building itself is an icon in Minturn located on the corner of Main St. and Toledo! And since it is in an old church, the previous owners came up with the name (you guessed it)-Holy Toledo! Genius!

The church, built in 1906, served as a Presbyterian denomination for 96 years, until the congregation outgrew its walls and rebuilt a larger church only 4 miles west of Minturn. It has a lovely interior with vast ceilings, original high-peaked windows, and almost century-old light fixtures! Two of the six original lights date from the early 1900’s and came from the old county seat in Redcliff while the other 4 were made in the 1920’s to match.

We are dedicated to our customers and consigners, and we invite you to come shop in our store to find those hidden treasures. We have over 8,000 consigners including vendors for rep sample lines. We are open 7 days a week! We do close for a few holidays here and there. So come by and see what you can find! We get many new items every week. Click here to see photos!