About Us

Holy Toledo is a boutique consignment shop in the Vail Valley,  carrying only high-end, current labels from all over the world. Founded and currently run by Heather and Eric Schultz, we opened our doors on April 22, 2002. Eric came up with the name of our store by cleverly putting together our location of being in a church with the address where it resides, on the corner of Main and TOLEDO! We’ve been a burgeoning business since the day we opened and expanded our floor space in 2008 to almost double the retail area to keep up with the demands. On average we put out 150-300 pieces Monday through Thursday we receive from 2nd home-owners, boutiques, rep sample lines, locals and more. 

The church, built in 1906, served as a Presbyterian denomination for 96 years, until the congregation outgrew its walls and rebuilt a larger church only 4 miles west of Minturn.  This is also when Eric and Heather became the lucky owners of this historical gem.   It has a lovely interior with vast ceilings, original high-peaked windows and almost century-old light fixtures!  Two of the six original lights date from the early 1900’s and came from the old county seat in Redcliff while the other 4 were made in the 1920’s to match. Click here to see photos!